18 05 2010

I just finished Metal Slug X for PlayStation, which I recently bought at GameStop.

Very funny game indeed, even if played at the lamest difficulty.

I had forgotten the weird aliens in the final mission πŸ™‚

The CD is mildly scratched, and the cover label is missing, but…

<lazyness>I’m going to print it one of these days…</lazyness>

Here’s a flash reincarnation of the game: very crappy, though, looks like a draft…

Metal Slug X Game

I also made a couple of videos
(very low video volume, and poor quality sorry about that 😦
it was the best I could get from my 5800XM…)

The whole bargain was made of:

  • Gran Turismo (Platinum);
  • Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 (French);
  • Metal Slug X;
  • a PlayStation Multitap

I already had backup copies of both GT and DBZ, but they were so cheap ^_^ the lot cost me 3.92€! LOL

GameStop looks much cheaper than ebay when it comes to not-so-recent-neither-so-old games.




2 responses

19 05 2010

Good job dude, now it’s time to complete Gran Turismo at 100% c’mon you can do it πŸ˜›

19 05 2010

Old school! πŸ˜€

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