Hi all,
Here’s my last project: the BMO BOY!

I love Adventure Time and this is my tribute to BMO, the robot/friend/home console character ๐Ÿ™‚

BMO naturally resembles a Game Boy and I have been thinking about this project for a long time; to be fair, I have found at least other 2 people have done the same (but I like mine better! xD).

It’s essentially a custom painted (and slightly modded) Game Boy (model DMG-01).

Parts used:

  • Original case, painted with a spray can (custom colour);
  • Hand made screen cover (out of a 1.2mm board of semi-matte polyester);
  • ASM Retro’s Screen cover adhesive;
  • Kitsch-bent’s buttons (A, B, Start & Select, DPad);
  • Hand made “fake buttons” (triangle and cartridge eject);
  • ASM Retro’s Density Backlight (white);
  • Thursday customs’ HEX DMG v1.3 display inverter.
  • Work log here.

    Extra features:

  • Custom ROM programmed by yours truly, which displays BMO’s cute face;
  • Box art (to be printed and assembled).
  • I’m not 100% happy about the screen cover adhesive, and also since I had to manually redo some details on the BMO caption on the sides, the letters’ edges aren’t very sharp.
    Anyway here are more photos ๐Ÿ™‚

    “Lights off”


    Original box scan

    My box art


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    20 02 2015
    BMO BOY | DesperateNerdLife

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