Fix SSH hanging on connection

12 01 2020

I recently had an issue where my laptop went into standby mode while I was running some command on my Raspberry Pi over ssh, and whenever I tried to ssh into the Pi again, the session would hang (the terminal would become unresponsive, even to +C, and had to be force closed).
After a lot of research, I managed to find the following command, which allowed me to solve the issue:
ssh user@machine /sbin/ifconfig eth0 mtu 1000
The Pi responded with an error, but that solved the issue.

How to configure Mullvad VPN on a Synology NAS

14 01 2018

After a long research, I recently signed up for a monthly subscription with Mullvad VPN (read more about them here

Since I own a Synology NAS which I set up to user Sonarr and Transmission, I wanted to configure it to use the VPN. I found a few tutorials online, but they were outdated and did not work.

After a quick chat with Mullvad’s tech support, I finally managed to make it work.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to:
  2. Input your account number, select Android as a platform, and a region to use
  3. Download the .ovpn configuration file
  4. Edit this file, removing the inlined crl section
  5. Log in to your Synology DiskStation, go to Control Panel > Network
  6. Network Interface > Create > Create VPN profile
  7. Select “OpenVPN (via importing a .ovpn file)”
  8. ‘Username’ is your account number, ‘Password’ is “m”
  9. Import the .ovpn file we modified earlier, leave ‘CA certificate’ empty; click ‘Next’
  10. Select all 3 tickboxes in the ‘Advanced settings’ page; click ‘Apply’
  11. Right click on the newly created connection, select ‘Connect’

How-to: Setup default audio output Ubuntu (Pulseaudio)

6 08 2017

I just added a new how to page: since I’ve been struggling to find a setting that works for my configuration, here’s how I finally managed, in 4 easy steps.

Nintendo WaveBird Cleanup and Restoration

4 01 2017

Once upon a time, I purchased a not-so-well-preserved WaveBird controller for my GameCube. Today I finally did justice to it.

The poor controller before the treatment: dirt, sweat and generic gunk had accumulated pretty much everywhere on its surface. What was the previous owner thinking?

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This helmet is surely Aerodynamic

23 07 2010

The guy has some spare time and an insane passion for Daft Punk, too!

Take a look at his blog

Ubuntu 9.04 on Sony VAIO Z

20 04 2010


I know this stuff is old (Ubuntu 10.04 is coming soon) and probably you can find better guides online.

I just wanted to upload here some content from my old site .

FYI, I am not currently using the VAIO, but I’d like to suggest you some resources if you want to successfully install linux on your classy laptop:

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