How-to: Setup default audio output Ubuntu (Pulseaudio)

6 08 2017

I just added a new how to page: since I’ve been struggling to find a setting that works for my configuration, here’s how I finally managed, in 4 easy steps.

HTPC issues

13 07 2012

I’ve built the HTPC (it was a pain in the ass, but we’ll talk about that in the future).

The “real Rock’n’rolla” of FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU is the Ubuntu/Linux support for the Intel HD4000.
After 2 days of cursing, I have now set up a working desktop (with MATE :/), I still have no audio during video playback on xbmc (but there’s audio anywhere else – even in xbmc’s menus!) and h.264 decoding is choppy as hell (video stuttering even scrolling a web page in firefox)…