PC-in-a-box (Part 1: 02 – 03/2008)

I’l like to show you my first “modding” experience.

I had already published a sort of worklog here, here and here.


…It was January 2008, I had just bought my gaming rig (estimated power consumption: 185W) and wanted to build a more efficient one for everyday use (web browsing, p2p, coding, …).

So I pulled the trigger on a Mini ITX mainboard by Intel, D201GLY2, mounting a Celeron 1,2 GHz (Super Pi in 1:03!).

At the time of my purchase, the mainboard as well as most of the components were not available in Italy, so I had to buy them on ebay from the US.



Total: around 230€ including shipping and duty costs (prices in 2008)

08022008 08022008(004)08022008(001)

The parcel arrived on Februrary 8th, 2008 and I was so impatient to try it that I mounted it inside the very box it came in.


Pics of the outside…

09022008(001) 09022008(003)09022008(002)

…and the very messy inside (note: LEDs and power switch pulled from a real cabinet, “suspended” hard disk :D)

09022008(004) 09022008(005) 10022008

To prevent short-circuits, I added some washers for the mainboard.


Despite the insulating power of cardboard, the system was very stable and cool, even when loaded (guess at what time my mother opened the window… XD)2008021010h21cpu

The box became soon filled with dust, so I decided to add filters on the fan holes, made with tights…

11022008(002) 11022008(003) 11022008(004) 11022008(005) 11022008(006) 11022008(007) 11022008(008) 11022008(009) 11022008(010) 11022008(011) 11022008(012) 11022008(013) 11022008(014) 11022008(015) 11022008(016) 12022008

Added one more fan pulled from a stock P4 cooler…

12022008(001) 12022008(002) 12022008(003) 12022008(004) 12022008(005) 12022008(006) 12022008(007)

Some attempts to improve the cooling system: raised fan, window w/ filter (more tights), lowered fan…

12022008(008) 12022008(009) 12022008(010) 12022008(011) 12022008(012) 13022008 13022008(001) 13022008(002) 13022008(003) 13022008(004) 13022008(005) 13022008(006)

Here’s a small gallery for this first part.

(End of Part 1, to be continued…)


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